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What Are Plantation Shutters and Why Would You Install Them?

Wooden plantation shutters

Plantation shutters aren’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when looking for contemporary window treatments, although they are certainly a beautiful, classic design characteristic that has both functional and aesthetic advantages.

Shutters provide privacy and shade in the home while also allowing light to flood through to add warmth and depth to a room.

They are an excellent choice for use in a child’s bedroom as they provide a unique look without being overly cutesy.

Because they are typically made of wood, plantation shutters tend to last for years, often being able to withstand decades of daily use before needing to be replaced. 

Plantation Shutters Benefits

Although there are many benefits of plantation shutters, perhaps the most noticeable is their timeless and elegant appeal. That’s why they are used in locations where it is important to maintain a traditional appearance and feel, including examples of regal properties like grand British mansions.

Some of the most common reasons to install these types of shutters are to block out excess sunlight during the day, and to create a warm and inviting environment inside of the home. 

Plantation shutters are also wonderful privacy shutters, as they can be made very dark to keep prying eyes out. These shutters can be placed in many different locations in the house to suit any style or design preference that you may have.

If your home is currently being built, installing these wonderful shutters can help the builder install a professional-looking exterior. Once you locate the proper installers or contractors, you will need to discuss the installation process with them.

For the DIYers

If you feel you have an extra hand or two around to help you install them, then you should do so as long as you follow the installation instructions. Just be sure that you read through all of them carefully and understand everything before installing the shutters. 

You may think that they are too complex to be installed, but once you understand how they work and the proper installation procedures, you will find that they are extremely easy to install. The shutters will last for a lifetime, so you want to be sure that you install them properly.


With all of these wonderful benefits, why would you not install these beautiful shutters in your home? If you have not yet checked them out, you should definitely take the time to look at all of the beautiful styles that are available today.