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Organizing Your Garage Can Be Easy

An organized garage makes a happy homeowner.

There are many reasons why you should organize your garage. Not only does it help you to have more space, but it also makes life easier when it comes to finding something quick when you need it.

The most common reason people organize their garage is because they want more room or want a place for their vehicles. When you have more space in your house, you can move things around easily. And if you have more room in your house, you won’t have to constantly replace things when they get old like you would if you kept them stored in a corner of your garage.

So how can you organize your garage?

Clearing Out

The first thing you need to do before you start organizing your garage is to clear out everything. Remove all the junk that doesn’t need to be in your garage. It might sound counter-intuitive, but this simple process will make things easier.

Start Organizing

Once you’ve gotten rid of everything that you don’t need in your garage, you can now begin to organize your things. The best way to start organize is to place items into different piles.

For example, place tools together, paint, cleaning items, etc. This technique makes it easier for you to find things if you need them and you know they’re in one place. 

Cleaning Up

Now you have sorted out what you no longer need in your life and put them in separate piles. It’s time to clean up your garage. You can use a broom and sweep the floor and vacuum the garage floor to get rid of dust, dirt, and other debris.

It’s important to keep the garage well maintained, so make sure you use a broom that will get the job done. You might also need to invest in some elbow grease and use a power washer to really get all the crumbly ground in dirt out of the garage floor.

Label Everything

When you are done cleaning, it’s time to label with an A, B, C, or D for each item. Now it’s time to take your time moving everything back into your garage. 

But before you do, here are some ideas to increase space.

Ceiling Hooks

Attach hooks in the ceiling and hang your bikes and similar items. on the hooks. This one easy procedure automatically increases the garage storage space.

Garage Storage Shelves

Your next step should be to think about the location of new storage shelves. If you want to utilize large corner shelves, you can line them up against two walls of the garage.

Plastic storage bins are another great option for organizing garage space. You can also locate a wall mount hanging storage unit and bring it up to the ceiling. This will allow you to create more storage space for long term storage.

If you prefer to move the shelving units around in the garage, then you should install wall brackets to hold the shelves up. You can use plywood to support the shelf structure.


Another great option for storing things is using pegboards. Pegboards are an inexpensive storage system that can store many items, such as, gardening tools, cleaning chemicals, pool chemicals, and sports equipment. You can easily install pegboards using the appropriate screws and glue.

Final Words

When you are finished, you will feel accomplished and proud knowing that you took the time to properly organize your messy garage. Good job!